THE CURRY BRANCH (maternal great-grandfather David William Curry)

George Curry (our great-great-grandfather) was born in England. As a young man he went to America. He had distant relatives in Mineral Point, Wisconsin and planed to live with them. This was the William Brown family; William Brown, his wife ________, Robert Curry, and five children; Elizabeth Brown, Salina Brown (SR - possibly Celina?), Dave Brown, and one more son and daughter. 

George Curry married Elizabeth Brown - even though her mother did not approve - and had four children; Ann Curry, David William Curry, George Robson Curry, and Avis (SR - Aves) Curry. They lived in the country near Mineral Point and Elizabeth died young. Sometime after Elizabeth's death George Curry returned to England, leaving his four children with their grandparents – the Browns. In England, George remarried to Mary Ann ______. They had one daughter, Kittie, who lives in England today.

  • Ann Curry married a Williams.

  • Avis Curry (SR - Wis. census lists spelling "Aves" but historical obituary for her husband stated Avis S. Curry)  lost her sweetheart through some heartbreaking jilting and married Will Richards, an older man and obvious second choice. Soon, they left for the West and to Montana (SR - late in life, ending in California). They were involved in the Ranchers and Cattler war and were forced to flee to Canada. They settled in Rimbly, Alberta (notation: possibly “Rimbey”, Alberta – Steve Reed). They had three children – two sons and a daughter. George Richards, a son, is still living in Canada.

  • David William Curry (called Will or D.W.) married Catherine (Katie) Griffiths.

  • George Robson “Robbie” was still living with his grandparents when his grandmother died. His grandfather remarried his housekeeper, a Perry. He (William Brown) asked D.W. to stand up for the wedding but D.W., like most everyone, disapproved of the marriage and refused. This created a permanent rift between Will Brown and D.W. Curry. Robbie no longer felt comfortable in his grandfather’s home in Mineral Point and left to live with Avis, his sister, in Alberta. There he married Jean ________, who was directly from England. They had two children – one son, and a daughter Jean (now Jean Jackson). She’s living in Canada now and has 1st cousins in England.

William and Katie Curry lived, at first, in Mineral Point where Will worked for the city Gas Company. Here they had a daughter Mary Elizabeth Curry. When Elizabeth (as she is called) was about nine the family bought and moved to a farm near Aberdeen, South Dakota. It proved to be financially unsound. The land was poor and the horses died. They sold that farm and bought one in Barron County, Wisconsin.

After a few years there Elizabeth met and married Louis Edward Knutson.

THE GRIFFITHS (Maternal Great-Grandmother)

Mary Ann Francis was born in Bristol England.  Her parents owned a grocery store and her father was also a traveling Methodist preacher.

She married David Griffiths – from “north O’Wales”. He was an arch stonemason and very Welsh. They had three children – Jim Griffiths (SR - The 1880 Census indicates "James") , Aggie Griffiths, and Catherine (Katie) Griffiths (SR- The 1880 Census indicates that Katie was born in Wisconsin, not in the UK). David Griffiths sailed for America, leaving his family, soon after 1873 (Katie’s birthdate). He traveled by sailing vessel and later told stories about the trip, losing the wind for three weeks at a time. He settled in Mineral Point, with other Welsh men. His wife and children then followed – crossing in a steamer. In Mineral Point they had a large farm – Dave Griffiths also continued his masonry. They had nine more children (12 total); Edith, John, Minnie, Rosie, Lily, Maude, Tom, Clarence & May (1880 Census lists: James, 11 / Agnes, 8/ Katie, 6/ Edith, 4/ John 2/ Minnie 10 months).

  • Jim married Annie ___ (SR - possibly Mary Jones: see James Giffiths /Son in Law / 1900 Census / Mineral Point - but I'm not sure the dates line up for his age) . His parents disapproved. She eventually lost her mind, as predicted, and died. He then married her sister Sarah. Jim and Sarah Griffiths had three children; Willy, Martha and Elizabeth and all were prosperous. (SR - it seems from the same 1900 census record that William, Martha, and Elizabeth were children of Mary Jones Griffiths)

  • Aggie married Tom Powell and had one child – Ida. Aggie died from diphtheria and Tom remarried her sister Lily who had lived with them nursing Aggie. The marriage was not approved by the Griffiths family. They had two children – Curtis and Bertha. Lily finally divorced him. She ran a hotel in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. She gave Tom a room in it long after the divorce.

  • Katie married Will Curry in about 1895.

  • Edith married Robbie Williams. They farmed (pigs) near Rewey.

  • Minnie married Henry Terrill. They lived with Henry’s uncle on the farm and received a sizable inheritance. They were good farmers. They had two children; Murel and Blanche. Murel and wife Thelma took over Henry and Rose’s farm. Now Murel, Thelma and their mother Minnie live in Mineral Point.

  • Maude married Byron Stevens and divorced him. Then she married Will Procter – who was much older and well liked besides being prosperous. After his death she married _________ Holmes.

  • Rosie married John Davis – a very Welsh man – and had a farm in Rewey Wisconsin, and two sons – ______ (SR- Philip, Census 1920) & Chester. After  John Davis died Rosie cooked at Lily’s hotel. There she met a widower living at the hotel – Sid Murrish – a wealthy  retired farmer, and married him. They moved to one of his farms and then to Mineral Point.

  • Tom and Clarence married sisters, the family disapproving of both. Tom married Jane – who eventually lost her mind. Tom hospitalized her and lived with Rosie in Mineral Point. Clarence married Rose. They farmed and retired to Dodgeville. She also became so mentally ill he hospitalized her. Much later he divorced her to marry an old sweetheart _________ Pokenhorn ________. (Note: Polkenhorn? – Steve Reed)

  • May was the youngest. She married Hugh Jones. They farmed the Griffiths homestead. They had five children, Berdeda, Wendell, Marianne, Wesley, and Ruth (Ruthie). May and Hugh were not good farmers and let the homestead go downhill. May now lives in Platteville.